Thankfulness Today

it feels right
to finally tell someone
to let another in
no longer having to bear the pain
on my own
we were meant to do this
things don’t have to remain the same
I took a risk
and it paid off
filling my heart with gratitude
allowing years and years of hurt
to finally start to slip away
may I continue
to not push others away
to heal
may I be patient
and understanding
longing for hope and joy
in the midst of unsettling times
today, I am thankful

A Prayer

spirit of the living God would you fall afresh on me like a holy rain, wipe my iniquities and purify these stains. There’s nothing I could do to make you more present. You are here, you are alive, you reign. Above al fears, above all misunderstandings above all questions of why things happen the way they do. Take away my desire to always have to be right allow me to have an open spirit to these who may think differently then I do. Let me see their heart rather then their actions. Lord of all, break my heart for what breaks yours. Take these dry bones and breathe life into them again, may you and you alone be my passion and my refuge.

Up in the Air

is there ever a good time
for death?
for the unexpectancy
of a loved one passing
on into the unknown
as I left you in tears
you said you understand
why I had to leave
I hope you know I didn’t mean to
leave you like this
and as you stay in our home
that is filled with that sadness
with that loss
with the utter chaos of battling
the norm and the thin line of despair
here I sit
staring out the window
watching the sky pass me by
wishing I was with you
up in the air

Be Healed

I woke up to the sound of a cry
and he hid there unable to move
fear gripped my spirit
until I realized he was still alive
mend him, heal him, make him whole
put back into him the life he had
running from place to place
bringing us joy
making us feel loved and
someone to care for
may he feel better
as this dreary day goes on
and I am unable to be there
heal him with power
with your ways
and let him come back home
new and ready to be loved again
his life in your hands
my fear in your hands
be with us as we wait
and may he be healed

Overall (a song)

Overall my sorrow
overall my shame
your mercy never ending
your love stays the same
I lift high your name
wash over me like a holy rain
I want more of you
take my heart
make it new
Grace that is so strong
taught my heart to beat again
I surrender all, I surrender all
my heart is yours

Flying Away

warmth and sadness
wrapped in one
one single feeling
I know it
I feel it
the song plays
and I’m free
hidden in stories
beautiful to behold
melodies beckoning me
to remember why
why I started
dreaming this way
dancing along now
my eyes closed
picturing tranquil sound
in my head
soul being lifted
spreading its wings
it flies along
to the beat
to the song


should I say
what I think I know?
there are so many strange things
I’m almost certain
that you are not
who you say you are
putting on that smile
the one thats only for you
but you can’t
hide behind your eyes
I can see past it
I notice, unnoticeable things
one day everyone will know
what you’ve done
and who you are