my feline friend cries
lost his brother so quick
seeking attention


I Wish I Wasn’t Real

I desire not to be real
to not have a heart
to not have to feel
life would be easier
if this hurt didn’t exist
the loss of a loved one
the absence of a kiss
If I wasn’t real
I wouldn’t have to know
the struggles of this world
all the people just putting on shows
I wouldn’t understand
disease and despair
of all the toxins
we humans put in the air
I wouldn’t have to deal
with selfishness and anger
my heart would be pure
never in danger
I wish I wasn’t real
than I wouldn’t have to
feel the way I feel

Fleeting Joy

my heart aches
i can’t seem to surrender
i want to give it all away

but my mind won’t let me
i hold on too tightly
to so many things I could never change

joy is fleeting
slipping through my fingers
it’s like trying to catch water

most will fall on the ground
and evaporate by heat
and so the cycle starts again

as it raises into the sky
forming together
so I wait underneath this cloud

with my face turned up towards the sky
i anticipate the rain
hoping this time the joy will stay caught

and I’ll be drenched.

All Things New

wanting, waiting
longing for you
you’ve shown me truth
bitter heartache has
become all too real
letting go of the things
I feel
you’re my savior
your heart makes me live
creation longing
for your return
people yearning, falling on their knees
anxious hearts
still able to part the seas
who am I o Lord
that you would call me yours
my life in your hands
my heart beating for you
your grace is sufficient
you make all things new

Thankfulness Today

it feels right
to finally tell someone
to let another in
no longer having to bear the pain
on my own
we were meant to do this
things don’t have to remain the same
I took a risk
and it paid off
filling my heart with gratitude
allowing years and years of hurt
to finally start to slip away
may I continue
to not push others away
to heal
may I be patient
and understanding
longing for hope and joy
in the midst of unsettling times
today, I am thankful

A Prayer

spirit of the living God would you fall afresh on me like a holy rain, wipe my iniquities and purify these stains. There’s nothing I could do to make you more present. You are here, you are alive, you reign. Above all fears, above all misunderstandings above all questions of why things happen the way they do. Take away my desire to always have to be right allow me to have an open spirit to those who may think differently then I do. Let me see their heart rather then their actions. Lord of all, break my heart for what breaks yours. Take these dry bones and breathe life into them again, may you and you alone be my passion and my refuge.